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Zob Glass 14" UFO Perc Straight - Burgundy & Grey

Zob Glass 14" UFO Perc Straight - Burgundy & Grey

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  • Height:14"
  • Joint:19mm Female
This ZOB straight tube includes a UFO flat disc percolator. The UFO perc makes for a smoother smoking experience. The UFO perc is meant to look like a UFO floating in middle of the tube.  Also features a splash guard, three prong ice pinch and a diffused downstem. 

Height: 14 inches tall
Base Diameter: 5 inches
Glass: 5MM
Slide Joint: 19MM
Downstem: 19/19MM 
- Perc: UFO
- Ice Pinch
- Zob Downstem and 19MM bowl included

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