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Incredibowl i420 - Grey

Incredibowl i420 - Grey

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The Incredibowl i420 has won numerous High Times Cannabis Cup's, with its innovative design, robust build quality and a Lifetime warranty on all non glass parts you can see why the Incredibowl has taken the smoking world by storm.

Using 13 carbholes and the laws of physics the Incredibowl has re-written what is possible to achieve in a compact design. The Mini Incredibowl offers the same cooling system and innovative design but in a portable and pocket friendly size!

The glass bowl is shielded by the anodizedaluminium BowlArmortm to protect it from accidental drops and knocks.  The smoke is cooled and filtered of tars before filling the shatterproof expansion chamber.  Pull the BowlArmortm to open the 9-hole Annular Purge Carbtm, blasting the cool, flavourful smoke into your lungs with high-velocity jets of fresh air.

- Incredibowl i420
- Black Tube Carrying Case
- Extra Screens and O-Rings with Container
- Poker
- Standard Bowl
- Instruction Sheet
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