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I-TAL Hemp Wick - 100ft King Size

I-TAL Hemp Wick - 100ft King Size

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The 100 Foot Spool of I-tal Hemp Wick Lighter is an organic hemp and beeswax wick used to replace the dangers of butane lighters and creates a natural, clean burning flame. Each spool of I-Tal Hemp Wick is approximately 100 feet long. The wick burns at a rate of about 1 inch per 20 seconds so each spool should last you over 6 hours.

The Ital Hempwick is a great flame source. The Ital hempwick is an organic hemp twine saturated with organic beeswax that burns hot and clean, while not releasing butane flavors or toxic metals. The flame size can be adjusted by tilting the wick. Use a flame source for igniting the hempwick then enjoy a pleasant beeswax / honey aroma while you enjoy a healthy light.

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