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How to Choose a Water Pipe

How to choose the perfect water pipe

Is it accurate to say that you are pondering purchasing another water pipe? Let's be honest: what smoker isn't in the market for another water pipe? Maybe your piece broke, you're looking to upgrade your smoking experience, or simply looking to add to your collection. Even if you are content with your current piece, each water pipe is unique and can add to your collection.

While there are many choices, such as pipes, chillums, steamrollers, vaporizers, or some other gadgets utilized for smoking, looking for water pipes can be overwhelming. There is such a large number of water pipes to consider, including glass, acrylic/ plastic, fired and even bamboo. Glass is fantastic, obviously, and it is a material that is difficult to break and lasts a long time.  Plastic water pipes are the least expensive (yet still powerful) water pipes. Clay water pipes frequently come in crazy colors and interesting designs, while bamboo claims sturdiness and style. Purchasing a water pipe is a matter of individual choice, and increasing your knowledge of all different types of pipes can make the decision much less overwhelming. Assuredly, I can in any event point you in the right heading or provide for you a superior thought of what kind of water pipe you are seeking.

The main question you ought to ask yourself is how the water pipe will be used. We all know the simple answer - for smoking - but what is the environment in which it will function?  Will it be used sporadically, or every day? It is safe to say that you are going to utilize it as an individual piece or pass it around when individuals are around hanging out. Will you carry it with you, or leave it at home? Are design and color important to you? How frequently (be fair with your apathetic selves) would you say you are going to clean it? These questions will help determine which kind of water pipe to select, whether it's your first purchase or the 15th addition to your collection.

In the event, that this is your first water pipe, be aware of your lung limit. On the off chance, that you purchase a water pipe with many features, or one that is excessively tall for you to clear pleasantly, you will not be fulfilled with the style. On the off chance that you never fill the chamber in your water pipe with smoke, then you are not utilizing the piece for it's intended use. However, if you fill it with smoke, and cannot clear the entire hit yourself, you will end up with stale smoke, which defeats the purpose of the water pipe.  Always ensure that the pipe is sufficient for personal use, if that is the intention. The size of the chamber and mouthpiece also affect how the water pipe smokes. Water pipes that change the width along the length of the chamber are hard to clear, particularly if the water pipe becomes smaller towards the top. Excessively wide of a mouthpiece or chamber will likewise repress control of your hit, so verify before purchasing that your water pipe will produce smoke to your liking. It has repeatedly said "bigger isn't better”, and this is especially true when selecting your new pipe. To see a wide variety of water pipes, and find one that suits your needs, please visit our water pipes section to see some of the world's finest American-made pipes.                                                                                       

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